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Personal loan as the name of signifies is funds give to individuals for personal purpose without any rstricitive conditions some times you just need extra money . .

Purpose of loan

  • Marrige , Holiday, Medical, Education pay off higher loan of credit cards etc.
  • Buying consumer durables like t.v. fridge house extension repair
  • help you build or improve your credit by adding a not her lines of credit repart .your lender will report your monthly payments to the there credit buraus equifax exparn and trans unoin.

Personal loan offerd To

  • Salaried employees
  • salaried directors of company holding less then 10% share holdings
  • self employed, professional

Characterstics of personal loan

  • Personal loan are given as certain percentage of the net earning ( for salaried net salary credited to bank and for professional certain percentage recipts )
  • pain Card
  • Finance from minimum 2 lacs to 77 lacs is provided
  • it is calculated on emi [ equated monthly income ] paying capacity of borower in general a person is assumed to be eligibility to pay emi up to 70% nth salary
  • Therefore for the purpose of obtaining maximum loan amount a borower is eligible to oftain by considiring.
  • only net take home salary to be consider for eligibility
  • exiting libilites : emi on current loan of all types in a month
  • 70% balance left
  • rate of intrest and tenure of per lacs factors
  • Balance amount as above divided by factor per month
  • Intrest rates on the personal loan may range from 11.49% to 18%
  • With the tenure of loan up to 12 month to 60 month

    • Processing fee & 2% charged on loan amount which is deducted from the approval
        The process of disbursement of loan tenure is usually taken 7 to 10 working days all submitted documentation .it s also depend s your profile and documentations.