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A loan againts property ( l.a.p.) is a good altranative of you need capital your property must have no outstanding ownership dispute associated with it and should not be mortgaged .if you can make repayments from your earning there are various eligibilty critriya that you will need to meet to able to get a loan against property.simple documentation and fast approval lap being secured loan has comparatively faster approval and minimum documentation . .

A dvantage of taking a loan against property.

    Cheper than the personal loan:-

  • It works out to be much cheaper than a personal loan,which is usually issued at intrest rates in the region of 16 % to 21 %.
  • Longer Loan Tenure.

  • The tenure of loan against property is usually longer than that for a personal loan generally l.a.p. is given for a maximum tenure of 10 years.


  • since the rate of intrest is lower many times lap equated monthly income ( e.m.i.) turn out to be cheaper than those under personal loan .

Documentation of loan against property

  • Application form with photograph
  • Identity and address proof
  • Latest salary slip
  • Pain card + Form 16
  • Processing fee cheque
  • Title of deed
  • Self employes :-

  • Application form with photograph
  • Identity & add. proof
  • Income proof + pain card
  • Current business proof
  • I.T.R. last 3 years
  • Title of deed
  • Processing fee cheque

    • Processing fee & 2% charged on loan amount which is deducted from the approval
        The process of disbursement of loan tenure is usually taken 7 to 10 working days all submitted documentation .it s also depend s your profile and documentations.